From the recording I Promise You

From the Album "Afterlife"


I wish I could go back in time
so I can make sure that I never make it this far
I hadn't counted on living this long
and now I've got to deal with consequences to come along
and I don't want to be that guy
just always complaining about the way that life is treating him
and I don't have another way of getting along
what the hell is wrong with me
I can see the truth is written inside of me
yeah I struggle for a little bit of Peace
cause I know that I will throw it all again
And with all of me
just to say that I'm alone
but I love and don't want to leave anyone
so you can take me far
and you can take me at my word
and you can take me to the other side
cause nobody else cares.
But in gonna whisper to you on my way to work
so you don't have to hear silence
that awkward follows you
and I care.
feeling like I wanted to promise you.
Like I could give it to you sometime.
You sent
Give it and I would wonder why
and I'm like I'm satisfied like I could give it away for atone.
Yeah maybe we can try