Superhero (cont.)

Cars were narrowly missing us left and right, it didn't it didn't look good for us at all. Suddenly a tow truck driver who happened along saw us and stopped behind us flashing his lights to deter traffic. He jumped out of his truck came to my mom's window and told her that he was going to help us and not to worry. He said he would pull in front of us and lift up her front wheels and when he did for her to put it in neutral and he would tow us off of the freeway. And that's what he did. He saved our lives. At that point in time that was the closest thing I had ever seen to a superhero and I decided I wanted to be one just like him. When I turned 25 I became a tow truck driver and have since been in that exact situation more than once.

Did you know that tow truck drivers die at a rate of 60 per year? That's like one every six days. That's more than police and fire combined. It is the 7th most dangerous job in the world. So with that in mind I have started a nonprofit organization dedicated to the education of motorist regarding existing slow down and move over laws. I can show you dozens if not hundreds of videos that show that people do not care at all about slowing down or moving over for tow truck drivers on the side of the freeway. So our organization aims to educate as well as help the family members of total drivers who are killed on the job you can get more information at Perhaps you may even want to make a small donation while you're there.ūüėÄ ¬†